Lackner Neon Clocks

Cincinnati - Ohio 

Lackner Neon Clocks Lackner Clock Company of Cincinnati, Ohio was one of largest producer of industrial and lite-up advertising clocks during the 1930's + 1940's. Along with the large wall clocks Lackner manufactured they also offered a line of tabletop Art Deco "Neon-Glo" clocks that had a neon tube or light bulbs on the interior that lit-up the dial and cabinets when switched on.

The cases were made of either Bakelite, Catalin, Plaskon(an type of early plastic like Bakelite) or wood with brass, glass, Bakelite and Plexiglas accents. The Catalin Dulcy, Bakelite and Plaskon Sultan + Iris models are the most sought after by collectors. The Catalin version was available in alabaster(yellow), marbled brown, marbled black/green, blue, and orchid(pink). Bakelite versions were available in brown or black and Plaskon version in ivory. All models, materials and colors are difficult to find without major cracks.

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