Walter Dorwin Teague

American  [1883-1960] 

Walter Dorwin Teague Walter Dorwin Teague was originally trained as a graphic designer, but after a successful stint as a freelance designer for Eastman Kodak cameras, he became one of the most renowned American industrial, or product, designers in this country. Teague designed for many major American corporations during his long and distinguished career which made him one of the most prolific American designers of the time. He is widely celebrated for his vast array of important designs such as Art Deco gas stations, streamline Sparton blue mirror + chrome radios, and a series of Kodak cameras such as the Baby Brownie, Gift Camera 1A and the streamlined black with chrome accent Bantam.  The streamline Sparton 566 "Bluebird", 557 "Sled and the 558 "Sled" and the fabulous floor standing "Nocturne" glass mirror radios were among a group of Sparton sets for 1936 styled by the noted industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague that have become prized among Art Deco collectors.

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