Symphony Radio


Symphony Radio Symphony Catalin Bakelite radio "Split Grille" style design with handle + metal embossed gold and red foil tag.  Made in 1938-1939 by Record-O-Vox Inc. and branded as Symphony   This model is similar in style to the Crosley G1465 catalin radio + the Detrola 281 catalin radio - both of which have the split grill design.

Symphony differs from the others because of the foil name tag, dial face, pointer, knobs + that it does have a handle.  Both Symphony and Detrola catalin radios have grooves on the front of cabinet that wrap-around from the side. The Crosley catalin does not have the wrap-around grooves....only on the sides.

** We are always looking to buy Symphony Catalin Bakelite Radios in any color or condition as well as other Catalin, Plaskon + Bakelite radios by any manufacturer.  Please contact us if you are looking to sell a radio. Calls are always welcome: 305.778.2182 **