Consolidated Glass Co.

American  [Ruba Rombic] 

The Ruba Rombic collection of Cubist glass was designed by Rueben Haley in 1927 for the Consolidated Glass Company of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania + manufactured from 1928 to 1932, the factories closing. Reuben Haley brought Cubism to life in this molded, hand blown and hand-finished glassware which looks like a chiseled block of ice. Ruba Rombic was designed after Haley visited Paris, France in 1925 for l'Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes and saw the work of the leading glass designer of the era, Rene Lalique that would later be referred to as Art Deco.

This incredible Cubist-style glassware was only sold through wholesalers, upscale and fine department stores throughout the United States and Montreal, Canada. The Ruba Rombic collection consisted of 37 styled pieces including dinnerware, decanters, stemware, ashtrays, as well as vases which was all available in several different colors.

This iconoclastic luxury tableware was not a commercial success as it was not practical to use, fragile and expensive for the time. These elements have made any piece of Ruba Rombic rare today. Often described by collectors as "a poem in glass..."