Raymond Loewy

French + American  [1893-1986] 

Raymond Loewy Raymond Loewy was a pioneer in industrial design who worked with over 200 companies and transformed many basic household items including refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, radios, cameras, and telephones along with cars (Studebaker) and product designs(Lucky Strike, Coca Cola) into streamlined forms.

For over fifty years Raymond Loewy's practice, R.L.A set aesthetic standards in industrial design. By 1951 the firm's designs were so prolific that Loewy claimed 'the average person leading a normal life… is bound to be in contact with…" a Raymond Loewy design.

Other Loewy notable designs include a prototype for bullet shaped aluminium pencil sharpener, the Colonial "Globe" Bakelite radio from 1933, the 1959 fleet of Dorsett boats, and several Emerson radios such as the 511 "Moderne".