Radialva "Super-Boum" Radio in Brown Bakelite + Ivory

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  • Radialva ”Super-Boum” Radio in Brown Bakelite + Ivory
  • Radialva ”Super-Boum” Radio in Brown Bakelite + Ivory
  • Radialva ”Super-Boum” Radio in Brown Bakelite + Ivory

Unique Circular Design French Radialva "Super-Boum"

Ref: RA257

Seldom seen Radialva "Super-Boum" Radio in brown Bakelite with contrasting Ivory Tenite grill + knobs.  The "Super Boum" is a unique round shaped radio manufactured by Radialva in France circa 1940's. It is one of the most prized Bakelite radios from the French vintage radio market that is rarely available in the States.

The design was inspired by the British "Ekco" radio in the forties, and the radio's high price and radical design with its bulls-eye grill was not well received by the public. Less than 2,000 Super Boum's were sold making this an extremely rare find. The unique styling and great condition would make this radio a truly beautiful and unique addition to any radio collection.

This is an interesting design that uses two similar, equal sized pieces of Bakelite that come together in the center, secured by plastic screws. The chassis is inserted in the center and then enclosed by two pieces of Bakelite, like a suitcase. This French made Radialva radio with its circular design, clam-shell(interlocking) cabinet design + concentric circle grill is unlike any other radios of the time that makes for an absolutely stunning radio. The original half circle gold colored plastic dial face with names of cities around Europe is in good condition.

This particular example is a stunning radio in excellent original condition with no cracks, chips, burns, or repairs to the cabinet or trim. The brown Bakelite cabinet has a wonderful natural gloss to it. This "Super Boum" has been well taken care of and only has some small scratches/marks consistent with light use. The fragile ivory Tenite grill and knobs are factory original to the radio and in great condition.

This unique radio measures approximately: 8.5" wide by 9" high by 5.5" deep. This set is sold "as-is + untested", the complex round chassis of this radio seems complete, has a European plug. Set is being sold as a "non-working" vintage electronic device that should be gone over by a qualified technician.

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