Paul T. Frankl

American  [1886-1958] 

Paul T. Frankl is credited as one of the main influences of American Modernism. An architect, painter and furniture designer, he forged a unique American aesthetic in furniture design with his notable 'skyscraper' furniture line. Born in Vienna, Austria, the designer arrived in New York city in the early 1920's and was inspired by the city's majestic skyline to create his notable 'skyscraper' designs that became iconic symbols of American art deco style. Frankl's desire was to create a new uniquely American style to match the innovative technology and progress taking place at the time.

Paul Frankl's 'Skyscraper' signature pieces were a great success and led him to name his company 'Skyscraper Furniture'. He later designed for Brown & Saltzman of California as well as Johnson Furniture Company of Grand Rapids, where he experimented with biomorphic designs and innovative materials such as cork veneer.

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