Motorola Radio

Chicago - Illinois  [1928-Present] 

Motorola Radio Company founded by Paul V. Galvin and his brother Joseph as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, in 1928. The name of the company was changed to Motorola, Inc., in 1930 after buying the name and patents from the original owner inventor William Lear. The 1940's saw the company begin government work + open a research laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona, to explore the manufacturing + use of solid-state electronics. Motorola made everything from car radios, Televisions, wood radios and electronic items.

Starting in 1939 time Motorola made 3 Art Deco Catalin radios, model 52 "Vertical Grill", model 51X15/16 "S-Grill" and the 50XC "Circle Grill", that all are extremely popular with the likes of Catalin radio + Art Deco collectors.  These radios embody Art Deco + Machine Age design elements.

By the time of Paul Galvin’s death in 1959, Motorola was a leader in military and commercial communications, had built its first semiconductor facility and was a growing manufacturer of consumer electronics. Motorola continues to be a leader in technology and innovation to this day.

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