Detrola Radio

Detroit - Michigan  [1931-1948] 

Detrola Radio Detrola Radio of Detroit was the largest Michigan radio manufacturer, and was in business from 1931 until 1948.  During this time they made lots of very ordinary radios, and also some highly desirable radios in the eyes of today's collectors.

Some of their notable designs were the colorful Plaskon + Bakelite radios such as the Detrola Split-Grille, made in both Catalin as model 281 and in Plaskon as model 274 . Their tiny Detrola Pee-Wee and Super Pee-Wee models designed by George W. Walker took the marketplace by storm when they were introduced.

They also manufactured wood radios with some very unusual designs, such as the 1936 circular radio sometimes referred to as the "Wooden Bluebird" as is it an obvious copy of the famous mirrored Sparton; and the highly Art Deco 1936 Presentation Desk Set with Herman Miller Clocks designed by Gilbert Rohde.

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