Cyarts Plastics Radio

Bronx, New York 

Cyarts Plastics, Inc. of Bronx, New York is responsible for the unusual extraordinarily 'Moderne' 1946 Cyarts #B Deluxe ”Bullet” radio made entirely of the materials Plexon and Lucite with a lite-up cabinet.

The cabinet of this rare radio is not molded/cast but rather fabricated out of sheets of colored Plexon. The top, left side and bottom are one continuous piece, and the front and right side bent around and joined to the other pieces with a round grille surround, bent Lucite dial scale/ front finished off with 3 Lucite knobs. This interesting use of different materials makes for a highly unusual and rare Art Deco Radio of the era.

Cyarts Plastics also manufactured store displays and showcases. But, the #B Deluxe this was the only radio they made.

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