Garod Radio

Brooklyn - New York 

Garod Radio Garod Radio Corporation made numerous radios during the 1940's that included 4 Catalin radios models that are highly regarded in the collector world.  The design of these Catalin radios shared a style that was large and boxy.

The 126 "3-Ring" has a peaked top cabinet, handle and an intricate cutout grill with 3 rings and a long slide-rule dial scale and two knobs on the bottom spread across towards the left and right. Rare model that was made in different color combinations and hard to find especially without damage to the grill work.

The 1450 "Peak-Top" shared the same cabinet style as the 126 with the addition of a large square dial scale on the front of a simpler rectangular grill and two knobs directly below the dial. Difficult to find in any color.

The 1B55L "Drop Handle" is a rather large boxy rectangular cabinet with a large square dial face positioned on the front of a carved wrap-around grill with two knobs below.  What sets this radio apart from any other Garod radio and other manufacturers is the addition of a "drop-handle" that lies flush with the top of the radio when not being used.  This model is extremely difficult to find in any of the color combos and with out damage or a missing handle.

The 6AU-1 "Commander" a large rectangular radio with a pull-up handle and carved grill that spans the front of the radio, some models have the wrap-around grill, which is more desirable. Radio has a long slide rule dial same as Garod 126 "3-Ring"

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