Automatic Radio Mfg.

Boston - Massachusetts  [1920-1957] 

Automatic Radio Manufacturing Co., famous for the "Tom Thumb" series of radios started in the 1920's and manufactured radios into the 1950's.

Automatic made all sorts of radios from wood, to Bakelite and two models made of Catalin. The Tom Thumb name fits perfectly, as both of the Catalin radios made by the company are some of the smallest radios ever made during the 1930's.

Each model has it's own unique features, the model referred to by collectors as the "Deco" model has a very unique Art Deco cut out grill, smooth curve on the left side and a sharp corner on the right, 2 speed-lines that carry across all sides of the radio and vertical knob + dial layout. The second model 955 while also rare is different from the "Deco" version with its simple rectangular cabinet, attached Catalin feet and oval dial scale with a simpler grill cut-out.  The Catalin models were available in colors such as Orchid, Azure Blue, Nile Green, Alabaster(yellow) + Black Marbleized - finding them in any color is difficult.

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